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Paper Pencil Stand

1. An empty Cough Syrup Case
2. White or coloured Paper
3. Glue
4. Scissors
5. A Ruler
6. A Pencil


1. Open the flap on both the sides of the box and flatten it.
2. Draw lines with one centimetre gap.
3. Cut along the lines.
4. You will get two pieces like the first one and ten or eleven pieces like the second one.
5. Join the first one or the last one. This is the base.
6. Take 8 pieces of coloured paper of the same height of the box.
7. Roll each paper on a pencil and stick at the end. Make eight such rolls.
8. Apply gum and fix four rolls inside the base.
9. Apply gum and fix other four rolls outside at the center of the sides.
9. insert the square strips one after the other.
10. Apply gum on the top one to fix it.

Your Paper Pencil Stand is ready.

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