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Simple Wall-Hanging

1. A piece of thermocol or a card board measuring 6 x 30 inches.
2. A Small Empty softdrink bottle.
3. Red, yellow and black Poster / water colours.


Draw a simple tree as shown in the picture. A curved line with two three bends is enough. Use pencil to draw. Once the shape of the tree is perfect, thicken the line with black colour. Use a brush or your own finger to colour it. While colouring don't forget to make the tree, thicker at the bottom and thinner towards the top.
Once the base of the tree is complete, it is now time to add flowers.
Take the empty bottle with a bottom shown in the picture above. Dip the bottom portion in colour and slowly press it on the card board. It should be close to the shape of the tree that you have already drawn. Use different colours and different size bottles to make it appear more beautiful. Draw a border to the painting. And there your Wall - Hanging is ready!

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