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S.N. Bose

Even as a student, the outstanding genius of Satyendra Nath Bose was evident. At the Entrance Examination of the Hindu School, he secured 110 marks out of 100 because not only did he answer correctly all 11 questions, though the candidates were required to answer only 10, he also solved some of the problems in two or three alternative ways! At the Intermediate Examination of the Presidency College, he secured the highest marks of 60 in English composition. He was given 10 extra marks for his ability to express original ideas.
In later life he distinguished himself in the field of mathematics and theoretical physics. He sent the results of his work to Albert Einstein forhis comments. Einstein was so impressed with his work that he himself translated the papers into German and sent it to a renowned German journal, 'Zeitschrift fur Physik,' for publication. Einstein then extended Bose's work and obtained what is
known as 'Bose-Einstein Statistics.' This is now known as 'Bose Statistics.' This led to the development of quantum statistics - a very important branch of modern physics.
An elementary particle, the 'boson' has been named after him.
Bose loved to talk and would sometimes spend hours chatting with friends and students on topics as varied as the price of fish and the latest developments in science.
Sometimes he would retreat into the world of music and literature. He enjoyed reading original literary works in French, German and Italian and also translated a number of works from French and German into Bengali.
Bose died on the 4th of February 1974.

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