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The Three Pots

A rich landowner was on his deathbed. Gasping for breath, he told his three sons to dig under his bed when he was gone, and saying that, gave up the ghost.
Some days later, the sons dug at the spot and unearthed three pots,placed one above the other. The topmost pot contained mud; the middle pot contained dried cowdung and the lowest pot contained straw. Below this pot there was a silver coin.
The brothers were perplexed.
"Obviously, father meant to convey some message to us through the pots and their contents," said the oldest brother. "But what?"
They wracked their brains but none of them could come up with an explanation.Finally they decided to consult their doctor who was also a family friend.
The doctor laughed when the brothers put their problem before him.
"Your father loved puzzles," he said, "and I think he could not resist setting one last one. The interpretation is simple.The topmost pot contains mud, you say. That means he wants his eldest son to have his fields.The second pot contains cowdung. It means he wants his second son to have his herd of cattle.The last pot contains straw. Now straw is golden-coloured. That means he wants his youngest son to have all his gold."
The brothers were happy with the way their father had apportioned his wealth and marvelled at the doctor's sagacity.
"But one thing remains unexplained," said the youngest brother. "The silver coin at the bottom of the pots."
"Your father knew you would come to consult me," smiled the doctor. "The coin is my fee."

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