Digital Dimdima


One Stormy Night...

It was a wet and stormy night. The small gentle - looking man who had come into the inn was drenched to the skin. He made his way to the fireplace but there were several villagers warming themselves in front of the fire and he could not go near it. As he stood there, shivering the landlord who knew him slightly welcomed him and asked him why he was looking so sad.
"I have lost a purse containing twenty gold florins," said the man.
"Where did you lose it?" asked the landlord, as the men who had been standing in front of the fire gathered around them.
"Within a mile of this place, I'm sure," said the man. "I'll go in search of it first thing in the morning. Nobody is likely to travel by that road in this weather and the purse will certainly be there till morning."
"If I were you..." began the landlord.
"Yes, yes, what would you have done?" interrupted the man. "But come, let us warm ourselves by the fire. See, everybody has left! Where do you think all of them could have gone in this foul weather?"
"If I were you," said the landlord, grinning, " I would have become a storywriter!"

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