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TOPIC: Hair Growth

Sudha asked: How does hair grow and how much m.m. will grow in a day/month/year?


  • Suru:- [ 2/24/2005 ] It depends on your age and is different for papa and mummy. Bald people's hair grows shorter every weekend.
  • bibh:- [ 2/27/2005 ] 1 mm/day
  • hamza:- [ 3/4/2005 ] Hair grows one m.m in a day
  • nadeem:- [ 3/15/2005 ] hair grows .5 mm/sec.
  • anaamika maddipati:- [ 3/17/2005 ] As we eat the nutrients also go to the hair. Hair grows 10-13mm/ month
  • MAHATHI:- [ 3/26/2005 ] It grows approximately 1mm / day
  • Prateek Singh:- [ 4/3/2005 ] From Proteins Hair Grow. 2 m m
  • Vinisha:- [ 4/7/2005 ] A month
  • MANIKANDAN.S:- [ 4/20/2005 ] Hair forms in a pouch-like structure below the skin called a hair follicle. What we see as hair is actually the hair shaft, which is the keratinized, hardened tissue that grows from this follicle. Humans have more hair follicles per square inch of skin than most higher primates, including chimpanzees and gorillas. Because most of this hair is fine and pale (called vellus hair), it usually isn't visible to the naked eye. Our hair grows at a rate of 15cm a year.
  • ravi teja:- [ 5/8/2005 ] 1m.m./day
  • abhinav:- [ 5/26/2005 ] 1 mm per day
  • RAVEENA . KALLAKURU:- [ 6/18/2005 ] Hair grows faster for some people than others. But nobody can tell how long it will take. There are also some ayurvedic ways to help it grow faster.
  • Rinni Chibber:- [ 6/30/2005 ] simple! by oiling them regularly & washing them at correct time
  • Gaurav Ragtah:- [ 7/2/2005 ] Hair grows from hair follicles present beneath the skin. In women, there are very few hair follicles present beneath the facial skin thats why they have very little facial hair. I think hair grows 15-30mm per month and also hair growth increases partially on cutting hair.
  • ankit soni:- [ 7/16/2005 ] .5 mm
  • balachandran:- [ 8/5/2005 ] Hair will grow in a day by 0.1mm
  • satheesh:- [ 8/25/2005 ] It depends upon the person's hormone or the gene from their parents.
  • saksahi:- [ 8/26/2005 ] Hair grows in a month
  • dsrinitya:- [ 9/2/2005 ] 2mm
  • nina:- [ 9/19/2005 ] Can you suggest some home remedies for long hair, because I have very short hair, which are split.
  • tangoo chali:- [ 9/26/2005 ] Hair grows at the will of God. It grows 3mm in a day, 330 mm and 3330 mm in a year on the will of the All Mighty.
  • VISHNU_J:- [ 11/3/2005 ] 6m.m. in a day
  • shivangishankar:- [ 12/4/2005 ] your hair will grow long
  • Raghav:- [ 12/10/2005 ] day - 0.033mm month - 1 cm year - 13 cm
  • Shwetha S:- [ 1/21/2006 ] Hair grows from its roots which is situated deeply within the skin in a layer called the dermis.The roots may be deep as 5mm in some places.There is a living unit known as the hair matrix inside the skin where the follice rests.This has cells that divide and grow the hair above.
  • AFAF:- [ 3/12/2006 ] No limit between day,month and year.
  • umesh srivastava:- [ 3/20/2006 ] Hair daily increase about 1.3 mm per day.
  • Yuvapreethi:- [ 4/1/2006 ] Hair is made at the base of a hair follicle. There are a thousand hair follicles on your head. Not all of them are working at the same time. Only about 80% of your follicles are producing hair at any one time. The rest of the follicles are asleep or dormant. When dormant hair follicles start working again, they push out an old hair while making a new one. You could lose 50 to 100 hairs in any day. Some of us lose more than that–and don’t get them back again!
  • akshita:- [ 4/2/2006 ] Our hair grows in month. If we will have our food daily then our hair will grow.
  • A.Sahaana:- [ 4/20/2006 ] 1mm in a Year
  • A.SAHAANA:- [ 4/20/2006 ] 1 mm will grow in a month.
  • ramya:- [ 4/22/2006 ] The hair grow mostly according to the amount of nutritious food we eat. Also it depends on how you take care of it. Usually the hair grows Atleast-4 cm in a year.
  • Vihasi:- [ 5/17/2006 ] The speed of hair growth is roughly 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches per month. but it also depends on which type of water comes to ur house because if its really bad water, ur hair may not grow that long.With age the speed of hairgrowth might slow down to as little as 0.25 cm or 0.1 inch a month. Cell division is responsible for the hair growth cycle. The new cells push the hair forward to make it longer,so the new hair is added at the root. There are about 100.000 hairs on a healthy scalp of hair. Each of these hairs will, in normal healthy conditions, last from one to six years. People lose about 100 hairs per day, in normal conditions. The fallen hair is replaced by new hair.
  • abha:- [ 5/23/2006 ] It grows because of the minerals and vitamins provided by the body.
  • charu:- [ 5/24/2006 ] 5mm per month.
  • ashwin:- [ 5/25/2006 ] It will grow 0.01 m.m. in a day .
  • Kartic Bhargav:- [ 5/27/2006 ] Other factors. Well,actually to say this is a very non-sensible question. To be precise, growth of hair obviously depends on one's age ,his type of occupation and the way he treats his hair. For example, a person who's too much conscious about his/her hair will apply most synthetics as in the ads on tv and spoil his / her hair .Actually to say this growth of hair doesnt matter ,but if you r trying to impress people Intellect and a good socially acceptable character is enough.
  • Ruchika Mishra:- [ 5/28/2006 ] Hair grows because of sufficient protiens and vitamins.It generally depends upon a person's diet.If a person successfully maintains his/her diet, then of course he gets a fine and managable hair. Our hair grows 5cm/year.
  • rose:- [ 6/16/2006 ] Comb the hair.
  • likhit:- [ 6/18/2006 ] 0.1 mm per day.
  • Krishnan.S:- [ 6/18/2006 ] Hair grows from the hair follicle at an average rate of one-half inch per month. Each hair grows for four to seven years, after which it enters a “resting phase,” and then falls out. A new hair begins growing in its place between three weeks and three months later. At any one time, 85 percent of hair is growing and 15 percent is resting.
  • bailey hendrickson:- [ 10/25/2006 ] Do you have any news about hair growth?
  • dsaf:- [ 11/9/2006 ] It grows 6 inches a year
  • Penny Helgason:- [ 11/16/2006 ] What affect does space travel have on hair growth? In what time frame? Does hair grow faster/slower and by how much?
  • c.r.sahu:- [ 12/23/2006 ] In space hair must be growing faster in absence of gravity. Thats why the space crews cut their hair while in space. it is a regular phenomenon for crews. recently Sunita Williams got her long hair cut and has sent the cut hair to earth for donating it for good cause to a person to use it as a wig . The reason for quick hair growing in space is not known to me.

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