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TOPIC: Electricity

Ramana Rao asked: Electricity is generated from water, even then, it gives shock- why?


  • ria:- [ 2/24/2005 ] Because it is electricity and there is electron flow and electrons are negatively charged.
  • N.Chaitra Poornima:- [ 2/24/2005 ] Electricity is generated from water because water contains electric waves and electrons flow.
  • gagan:- [ 2/24/2005 ] Water is good conductor of electricity.
  • Bhollu:- [ 2/24/2005 ] Electricity is not generated from falling water which has lot of energy. If you stand under a powerful waterfall it may even crush you with its force.
  • seekhghde:- [ 2/24/2005 ] Electricity causes shock because our body is 80 percentage water.
  • Shintha:- [ 2/24/2005 ] Electricity is not directly generated from water. The force from flow of water propels turbines which generates electricity.
  • Editor:- [ 2/24/2005 ] Electricity is a form of energy, it is not generated from water, it is generated among others from falling water where the kinetic energy of the falling (moving) water is converted to electricity or from steam where the heat energy carried by steam is converted to electricity. Electricity can bring in certain drastic changes to live tissues if it is allowed to flow through it. Human body is a good conductor of electricity and if a high current is allowed to flow, the tissues contract giving one a shock. If the flow is sufficiently large, it becomes fatal. So be very careful while handling electric gadgets!
  • Namitha.T.S.:- [ 3/18/2005 ] Electricity is generated not from water. It is getting generated from a machine called alternator or generator. The generator is to be rotated to produce electricity. To rotate the generator a water wheel is used. The force of falling water is used to rotate the water wheel which in turn rotates the generator. So water is a means to rotate the machine.
  • MAHATHI:- [ 3/26/2005 ] Pure water is a bad conductor of electricity, as the water which generates electricity is not pure we get a shock
  • ashutosh dutt bhardwaj:- [ 4/1/2005 ] Chickenpox is caused by a virus called varicella zoster . Chicken pox has nothing to do with chickens and but people long ago felt they looked like vegetable called chick peas placed upon the skin. From this chicken pox got its name.
  • A.MANIKANDAN:- [ 5/21/2005 ] Because water is a good conductor of heat and electricity.
  • karthik:- [ 5/22/2005 ] The kinetic energy of the flow of water is used to drive a turbine to generate electromagnetic field and the energy released is used as electricity. Electricity can be generated using any other force such as wind, steam or tidal waves. The shock is due to the high voltage which is several times more than the voltage of current in our body and not the medium that generates electricity.
  • vamshi krishna:- [ 5/25/2005 ] Water is a good conductor of electricity because it consists of negatively charged particles called electrons which can generate electricity.
  • Juneeta Benny:- [ 6/29/2005 ] Because electricity is a good conductor of heat.
  • Juneeta Benny:- [ 7/9/2005 ] Electricity is generated from water even then it gives shock because 80 percentage of our body is of water
  • Juneeta Benny:- [ 7/9/2005 ] Electricity is generated from water even then it gives shock because 80 percentage of our body is of water
  • Devi MJ:- [ 7/18/2005 ] Electricity can be generated in many ways. For eg: hydroelectricity ie, from water, nuclear energy,solar , wind,geothermal and so on. Electricity is same irrespective of its source. It is the flow of electrons. Ultimately in all the ways, the turbine is turned to produce electricity. Our body being a good conductor of electricity allows the flow of electrons through it. Hence we get a shock.
  • vidhyaharini:- [ 8/25/2005 ] When it is connected to EB to pass current, conductors are used(copper wire).
  • abhilasha:- [ 9/21/2005 ] It is true that water generates electricity because it is a good conductor of electricity and thus it gives a shock!
  • ARULJOTHI:- [ 9/27/2005 ] Electricity is conventionally generated from one electric machine called Generator and this machine contains armatutre winding in its stator and field windings in its rotor portion. This field winding is usually excited by external D.C. supply to establish magnetic field inside the generator. At the same time, Rotor part of this generator is made to rotate at a fixed speed by means of external prime movers thus establishing rotating magnetic field inside the generator causing the field to cut stator armature windings; by Faraday's electromagnetic induction law, electricity is generated which we use at different voltage levels to our convenience. Here prime mover makes the difference on whether we use thermal power or Hydro(water) power to rotate the generator and hence principle of electricity generation is the same in both cases. So electric shock is unavoidable, irrespective of water or thermal power as source, if we handle electricity carelessly.
  • skanda:- [ 10/21/2005 ] Because the electric current will pass through the water and people tend to get the shock.
  • ankita:- [ 12/12/2005 ] because electricity is the flow of electrons and if the electricity is generated from the water it is known as hydroelectricity
  • Aniket:- [ 12/21/2005 ] Electricity is produced from water's energy when it falls from a great height making the turbine turn. But normally tap water contains dissolved minerals which conduct electricity hence giving a shock.
  • AKSHAYJ:- [ 12/30/2005 ] Because of the force of the water.
  • AKSHAY:- [ 12/30/2005 ] Electricity is generated from water which contains electric waves & force of water also helps to generate electricity. This is why, we get shock.
  • santhoshini:- [ 1/6/2006 ] Water is a conductor of electricity
  • Jalil-ul-Rehman Khan:- [ 2/1/2006 ] Actually when water is allowed to fall it rotates the turbine and the turbines are arranged inside a dynamo with 2 magnets. As you know that the magnets produce magnetic fields and the magnetic field produce electrons. As we know that electrons are electric current and when the turbine rotates it makes the electrons to flow. So its not the water its the flow of electron.
  • Kiran Panduranga:- [ 2/9/2006 ] If you get a shock it is because current is flowing through your body. That is our body is a good conductor of electricity. Electic current means flow of electrons and the electrons are negatively charged and it tends to move towards the positive charge. Pure water is non-conductor of electricity. But when it gets mixed with some salts(eg:mg Bicarbonate) it becomes good conductor of electricity. Our earth is negatively charged and hence we catch any positive charge of electricity and when are standing on water we become a part of the circuit. Hence we get the shock.
  • Shom:- [ 3/19/2006 ] Electricity generated from water means it is not extracted from water.It is produced by flow(current)of water. The flow of water would potentially rotate a turbine, that mechnical rotation when placed in magnetic field produces current flow (Generator Prinicple). -Shom
  • Malay Goel:- [ 5/22/2006 ] Electricity is not generared from water but the energy of flowing water is used to generate electricity. No amount of water is consumed in the production of elctricity. Thus, electricity has nothing to do with water.
  • KarticBhargav:- [ 5/27/2006 ] Electricity is not generated from water but from the force of the water. For example if you try to generate electricity from still water you can't do so. So,if you touch the switch with wet hands you receive a shock!
  • Gennithony Eson:- [ 7/14/2006 ] Water itself is not conductor of electricity.
  • SATVIR SINGH LITT:- [ 7/17/2006 ] Electricity and water are different forms of energy.
  • rafeek:- [ 11/13/2006 ] Electricity is generated from water but it doesnt have any physical or direct contact with water as said,because water is introduced at high speed from great height through a tube called pen stack inorder to rotate the turbine called primer which inturn connected to the generator which rotates cuts the magnetic field producing current. Here we apply only the required force which is needed for rotating the turbine.
  • naresh:- [ 1/5/2007 ] Because it is a good conductor of electricity
  • Suraj:- [ 1/23/2007 ] Water is a good conductor of electricity.
  • Suraj:- [ 1/23/2007 ] Because water is a good conductor of electricity.
  • Rajesh Pai:- [ 1/25/2007 ] Water makes the flow of electric current possible. It gives shock because 80 percentage of our body is made up of water.

TOPIC: Electricity

Rene Silva asked: How fast does electricity travel when you connect a battery to a bulb?


  • hamna.k:- [ 6/29/2006 ] Actually flowing water directly doesn't produce electricity. But flowing water makes the turbine to rotate and the turbine is connected to generator thus we produce electicity from flowing water. But even we can produce electricity from a still water by using the principles of boyles law.

TOPIC: Electricity

Brendon asked: Does a series of domestic downlights running through a dimmer switch use less electricity when the lights are dimmed or is the useage the same as when the lights are turned up full?


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