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Lesson Plan
The Masterpiece
( Retold from 'The Last Leaf"
O. Henry)

Dimdima Printed Magazine.
Vol No.4 No.1 January 2007
Pages 14 and 15

1. Name of the Teacher K.L. Suvarchala
2. School Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School
Road no 71,Jubilee hills, Hyderabad –33
3.Class Level 6th Class
4.Name of the topic The Masterpiece
( Retold from 'The Last Leaf" by O. Henry)

What's in Anchor

5.Testing previous
Asking the children to recollect a few stories written by 'O. Henry'.
6. Motivation The students enact a small skit that depicts 'true friendship'
7.Declaration of the topic The Masterpiece
8.Lesson Summary It is the story of true friendship between two friends Johnsy and Sudie, who were making their living as artists. Life was going on smoothly for them. Unfortunately, pneumonia struck Johnsy and her friend sent for the doctor, who starts the treatment but was upset as she didn't show any signs of recovery, then observed her keenly and told her friend Sue that she could survive if she developed a positive attitude towards life. Then Sue observed that from her bed, Johnsy was watching an ivy vine that was shedding its leaves, which made her lose hope in life. She felt that when the tree sheds its last leaf, she wouldn't be there to witness it. Sue discusses her friend's attitude with an old artist, Behrman. Behrman decides to help by painting the last leaf on the vine after it fell. It was a masterpiece. Seeing the leaf Sue's friend develops a positive attitude towards life, and slowly recovered. It was a great sacrifice on his part as Behrman falls ill and dies.
9. Comprehension
  1. Students understand the meanings of new words and phrases like straggling, prescribe, fiercely, grieved, hypnotized, withered-looking, defying, etc.
  2. Why does Sue call 'The Last Leaf' Behrman's masterpiece?
  3. List out the names of the three painters mentioned in the story.
  4. How did Behrman's painting help Johnsy to survive? What feeling did it give her?
10. Application
  1. Framing own sentences using the new words & phrases like wide-open eyes, tremble, withered looking, surrounding etc.
  2. A character sketch of 'Sue' and Behrman.
11. Skill
  1. Read and understand the lesson, and answer the questions to improve the four skills of learning the language.
  2. Encouraging children for dialogue writing. ( Between two friends)
12. Synthesis:
  1. Make a diary entry of 'the greatest sacrifice' that you have ever made for your family or friends.
  2. A masterpiece is the greatest piece of art created by an artist. Ex: Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Asking the children to look out for such masterpieces from the net, make a note of it and share it with their classmates.
13. Evaluation: Slip tests; reading tests; spelling tests.
14. Approximate time: 5-6 periods (excluding the structures)
15. Pre requisite skills: Ability to read, comprehend and write in simple sentences.
16.Materials &
resources needed for the lesson:
Dimdima magazine, Jan' 07, internet.
17.Resource students: Provide work sheets to drill vocabulary, structures and oral drilling of word meanings.
18.Gifted students : Asking them to write a short write-up or story on how they helped their friends or strangers in need, in spite of their hectic schedule.
Asking them to collect information about O.Henry and to read a few interesting short stories written by him.