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Bullettin Board
Bullettin Board
An effective medium to kindle curiosity and creativity
The process of teaching and learning becomes interesting only when there is variety. One way to do this is by using instructional materials. Nowadays, several audio and visual aid in the form of charts, models, slides, cassettes, film-strips, transparencies and CDs are being used to bring in the variety. 

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All these can prove to be valuable instructional materials as they help to motivate and supplement the teaching - learning process. Almost all of them are versatile and Bulletin Boards are no exception. They can be used at any stage of the lesson, i.e. the introductory stage, developmental stage and the concluding stage. Bulletin board activities are especially effective as follow-up activities and enrichment activities. This article helps us to know how one can use the Bulletin boards effectively.
A Bulletin Board is a board installed inside or outside a classroom, to display materials collected or prepared by teachers or students, which are going to be used as an aid for effective learning by the children. A bulletin board is not a notice board. It is meant for displaying various kinds of information connected with one’s classroom teaching. When used judiciously, the bulletin board can serve as a powerful tool to foster creativity and become a medium for exploration. In order to use the bulletin board effectively, a few of the following factors are to be carefully borne in mind, like the size of the board, its position, nature of matter to be displayed, their relevance to the unit being taught and the manner in which they are displayed etc. Let us go through these factors in detail.
a) bulletin board should be located in a place where there is adequate lighting, in order to facilitate clear viewing.
b) The size of the board should be decided taking into consideration the availability of space and the distance at which it is placed in relation to the students.
c) The bulletin board should be as close as possible to the eye-level of the students in the classroom.