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The Co-ordinates – A Game
Geo-Engine (Std I)
Rythmic Maths (Std I)
Adding in many ways (Std I)
Calculative Colouring (Std II)
Number Race (Std II)
Mental Trial (Std III)
Time story (Std III)
Calendar (Std IV)
Division of three-digit numbers (Std IV)
Mathematically speaking (Std V)
What makes 100 % ? (Std V)
Weight Check (Std VI)
Ratio (Std VI)
Park Survey (Std VII)
Ratio Quiz (Std VII)

Rythmic Maths

Activities in a mathematics class need not necessarily confirm to solving problems related to numbers only. They can be given a ‘poetic touch’ to make them both different and interesting.
The teachers can use the ‘mathematical rhymes’ given below suitably, in order to help students enjoy and experience the lighter side of mathematics. The students can also be encouraged to create a few on their own.

What's in Anchor

Vertical line

Here’s a stone and here’s a string’
Tie them up and they will swing.
Wait until they stop a while,
Then you see a vertical line!

Who is ?

Know him you might
Each angle of him is right
Each side of him is like the others
Four identical brothers
Perhaps you have met him somewhere

This is my friend

Ring’s close friend

The ring has a close friend.
With him ring’s always in conference.
He runs along the ring’s round.
And is called Circumference.

Get your students to write down these neatly
and display it on the Bulletin Board in their class.