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Growing up with time (Std I)
Know Your Body (Std I)
Discover the word (Std II)
Get the pests – you are the best (Std II)
Unscramble the jumble (Std III)
Teething Problems (Std III)
Starch in Me? (Std IV)
Internal Affairs (Std IV)
Food Web (Std V)
The sky above you (Std V)
Crystal Creation (Std VI)
We are there but cannot be seen (Std VI)
Formula of chemical compounds (Std VII)
Element word search (Std VII)
Know Your Body (Std I)
The following activity can be administered in the class after the completion of the chapter 
“Your Body”.
This activity helps the child to:
i) identify the main parts of the human body.
ii) assemble the main parts of the human body appropriately.
iii) understand the respective positions and features of each part and fill in the blanks accordingly.

What's in Anchor

Instructions to teachers:
Provide or ask the child to bring along the articles mentioned below:
i)       a) 5 ice-cream sticks.
         b) Fevicol
         c) Sketch pens
         d) K.G. Cardboard of size 20 cm ´ 10 cm
ii) Provide each child with enlarged photocopies of the following:
The teacher has to help the child cut out the picture of the head, hands and feet, before guiding them to glue these together to form the human body as shown (on the page). Once this activity is over, ask the children to complete the following incomplete sentences.

i) The head and the trunk are connected by the ________________
ii) The hands are attached to the _______________
iii) The parts attached to the lower part of the trunk are _______________
iv) The part covered with thick hair is ___________________ 
v) The number of fingers on each hand is ___________ 
vi) The feet are attached to the _____________