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The Power Of Concentration

Acharya Dronacharya decided to go for the ‘Best Archer’ amongst the Pandavas and Kauravas. During the test all archers were asked to hit an arrow in the eye of the bird sitting far off the tree . He started asking a question to everybody before releasing the arrow thru stretched bow string as ‘ What is visible at the point of time’. It was Arjun who replied that he is able to see only ‘The Eye’ of the bird , unlike others who were enjoying a bird , a tree and perhaps complete surrounding atmosphere at that time . Arjun passed the test even before he releases the arrow thru the string and hit the target correctly . Why it was possible for Arjun ? The secret of success was ‘focused mind’ with ‘concentrated efforts’.
To show a magic to your friend you hold a lens in sunlight over a piece of paper and focus your mind by keeping the lens steady and try to concentrate the sun rays to burn the paper . In our daily life we need to practice this magic of collecting diverted rays of mind and focus them on a target which will lit up a fire of achieving goals within ourselves.
In one of his discourses at America, Swami Vivekananda advised students to be calm and unruffled by external things. Few naughty boys heard his lecture and decide to test him. When Swami Vivekananda went to their village for a speech, the boys started firing from close range, the bullets whizzing past Swamiji’s ears from near by range But Swamiji did not get disturbed. At the end of the speech, the boys went to shake hands with Swamiji and admitted that ‘Yes , Swami, You are absolutely genuine and you are what you preach.' Concentration is a mental process rather than stretching your muscles. Everybody has the ability to concentrate more or less. You can strengthen this capacity by various ways. There are many books, literature and methods to increase your concentration power. But to me the simple mantra is ‘Do one job at a time.’ If you work, work and If you play, play. But do not mix the two.
When an ordinary piece of metal is subjected to the concentrated electric or magnetic force it aligns the group of atoms within the ordinary piece of metal to form a strong and powerful magnet. Likewise when Power of concentration and focus is inculcated within you, You become a magnetic personality like Swami Vivekananda .

Girish Pidadi

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