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Very often we face situations which make us nervous, fearful, agitated or uncomfortable. It may happen in class when we are being pulled up by the teacher or at home if we are being questioned by an elder. When you are seeking admission to a new school and have to give an interview or are asked to speak at an interschool debate, butterflies in the stomach start their mad dance.
If you remember a few simple things, you will find that such situations become a lot easier for you to handle.
1. Take a look at the problem and try to find out what it is that really scares you. Donít make them out to be worse than they are.
2. Write out your fears on a piece of paper. Some may seem really insignificant once you see them in writing.
3. Think for yourself, but never throw away a valuable opinion if you are offered one by an elder.
4. Avoid trying to shift blame on others and do not put yourself down either. Look at your fears impartially.
5. Before you hastily say something, think it over in your mind. Remember words once spoken can never be taken back.
6. If you are to meet someone for an interview, try to gather some information about the person or institution before hand. You could get such information from books and the internet. Knowledge always makes you feel that much more confident.
7. Read something inspiring, listen to some music, share a joke with a friend .
8. Be relaxed and smile! That will automatically make it much easier.

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