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Getting good neighbours is a matter of luck. Sometimes they can be nice but many a time they can be very annoying. We must see to it that we are good neighbours, too. If you can follow a few simple rules of etiquette both you and your neighbours will get along like a house on fire!
* If you have any young babies or aged people as neighbours, you must be careful not to make too much noise in the afternoons and late at night.
* If you need to borrow something from your neighbour (e.g. books, CDs, toys, etc) be sure that you return them soon and in good shape.
* If you feel like playing loud music you must make sure that your windows are shut or that heavy curtains are drawn.
* Do not drag furniture every now and then. The people below you will find it very annoying.
* Be polite and friendly but do not disturb your neighbours by knocking often on their doors .
* If you have to tackle a neighbour who is upsetting you in some way, do not barge into his house shouting accusations and using bad language. Instead of complaining suggest a specific solution. Find out if you are causing any problems to them.
Always greet your neigbour with a smile and be helpful when you can.

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