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Weíve all been accused wrongly some time in our lives. How do we handle it? Not with anger, hurt and tears, but in a cool, collected way...
* If youíre unfairly accused, let others know of the true state of things at once. Do it calmly and clearly ó if you lose your temper, people will stop listening or become defensive/offensive.
* If you donít find a sympathetic ear, find a person who will hear you out ó a teacher, a parent, a friend, or a brother or sister who believes in you.
* If youíve been in trouble before, it may be easy for people to suspect you. So earn back your respect in their eyes by behaving with integrity.
* If what youíre accused of is trivial, sometimes itís better to brush it off with a smile.
* If youíve been accused of something serious itís important to put your side of the story forward quickly and truthfully.
Just Remember!
* Respect your friendsí secrets if you donít want to be wrongly accused of revealing them.
* Donít accuse others without first getting proof of their wrongdoing.
* Putting the blame on someone else for what you have done wrong is sheer cowardice. Own up and quickly!
* If someone else is wrongly blamed, stand up for that person.
* Donít pass the buck.

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