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Guests and Hosts

How can you be a wonderful host and a good guest, too?

When you are the host...
* If you know in advance that guests are coming, it is always polite to be there to receive your guests at the door.
* If they are going to stay over at your place, you may give them a separate room; but if that is not possible it is nicer to give them your own bedroom instead of letting them use the drawing room floor.
* Ask whether they would like to have refreshments.
* If you happen to receive a gift from your guests which you donít like or already have, it is rude to say so to them. Thank them graciously and accept the gift. After all, they were thinking about you when they bought it.
* If, in the middle of the conversation with your guests the telephone rings, excuse yourself first before you begin to talk. Do not stay on the phone endlessly and keep your guest waiting.

When you are a guest...
* When you visit someone and are planning to stay there for a few days, it is nice to carry a small gift for that person.
* If you are asked to share a room with their children, you must not make a fuss about it.
* Always be courteous and keep the room clean and tidy. Do not leave your belongings lying around.
* You can offer to help your hosts in any little task, especially in the kitchen.
* Always remember to clear your plate from the dining table.
* Be courteous to the servants in your hostsí household.

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