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All of us need friends. Someone to have a satisfying gossip with,or simply to chat to during a break, go along with to a movie or just play a game with. Sometimes it is easy to make friends and be part of a group, but at other times, we feel alone and unwanted. How do we make and keep friends? Here are a few tips:

1.Be a good listener. People love talking about themselves so give them a chance by asking. Tell them a bit about your interests and activities too.
2.Donít pretend to be someone you are not. Be yourself. People who like you the way you are make the best friends.
3.When someone is talking to you look involved and interested, not bored. If others look occupied or are busy, donít disturb them by starting to chat.
4.If you have a ball or game to play with, ask others to join in. If youíre too shy to ask the Ďpopularí kids, ask someone who doesnít have so many friends
5.Compliment others once in a while, but donít go overboard. Everyone likes a pat on the back.
6.Be helpful. Offer your pencil or pen if someone has forgotten theirs. Volunteer to participate in a project.
7.Everyone loves a cheerful person. Greet people with a smile. Crack a joke or two.
Remember, you canít demand that others be your friends. Donít be bossy, complaining, boastful, mean, bullying and sarcastic...just be friendly!

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