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Tackling Bullies

Bullying may begin as simple teasing, taunting and childish tiffs but it can lead to more severe forms of violence. Bullies are found not just in schools but even in families and in other social situations.

Here are some quick tips to protect yourself from bullies.
* Walk away from the bully or stay with a group of friends — you’re less likely to be bullied when other people are around.
* Try not to show you’re angry or upset. If you act like you don’t care, the bully will soon get bored and go away.
* Don’t fight back — you could get the blame. Tell someone you trust — you’ll feel better and they will help you to tackle the bully.
* Practise at home saying “No” or “Leave me alone”. If someone says you’re ugly, say “Thank you”. Walk away with confidence.
* If you see someone being bullied, try and help that person to tell an adult they can trust. Tell the bully that bullying is stupid and they should stop.

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