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Develop the Right Attitude

When you enter a crowded room or go on a picnic or to a party, who is the most attractive and appealing person there? It is the person who is cheerful, has a smiling face and behaves as if he or she is enjoying every moment of the event! Such people have an optimistic outlook on life. They are the ones with a positive attitude. On the other hand, see that fellow in the corner with a long face? He's most probably thinking about the time and money wasted in having fun. He's your pessimist, the one with the negative attitude.
A person with a positive attitude gets on with the job at hand. She doesn't brood over what's gone before or might happen in the future. If there is a problem, she quickly thinks of ways to solve it. She doesn't pass the buck or blame other people or circumstances for it. If the problem cannot be solved singly, she seeks help from someone. She doesn't feel that it's below her dignity to seek assistance.
When Sonal lost her history notes days before an important examination, she sat down and cried. She even accused a classmate of hers of stealing the notes. Then she pulled herself together, borrowed a friend's notes, worked day and night and managed to copy down whatever she'd lost. Sonal passed the exam with flying colours!
It's just not possible, even for the greatest optimist, to smile all the time and feel good the livelong day. Everyone has a spell of the blues now and then, when everything seems bleak and without cheer. But once you develop a positive attitude, once you realise that life is a roller coaster ride, a series of ups and downs, dark clouds and silver linings, in no time at all, you've bounced back, ready to welcome the world again with open arms and a huge grin! So from this moment on, keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadows.

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