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The two words PLEASE and THANK YOU can actually work magic if you use them frequently. A few months ago, while I was standing in a queue for buying a Railway season ticket, a man approached, with a newly purchased season ticket in his hand. His roving eyes told me he was looking for a pen to fill in his name. He spotted the pen in my shirt pocket and zeroed in.
“Uhh..uhh,” he grunted and with a smile, just plucked the pen from my pocket!
I was a little taken aback but grunted right back,”Uhhh..uhh..” and smiled to indicate that I wasn’t annoyed by his impudence.
Five minutes later, he returned and replaced the pen in my pocket with a grunt. The expected ‘thank you’ didn’t come.
I have had similar experiences while travelling. Co-passengers ‘borrow’ my favourite kids’ magazine for reading as if it was their birthright!
Using these magic words doesn’t mean you’re being formal or “square”. It just shows that you are polite and treat someone with respect, even for small favours. Next time, try it, even with your family members. You’ll observe that everyone loves being respected and appreciated!

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