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Building Self Confidence in a Child

Author - Rohini Jayanthy

IN SPORTS, THE GOLDEN RULE IS TO keep your eye on the ball. The same maxim applies to parenting. Paying diligent attention to your child is key, says childhood development professor David Elkind, Ph.D.
Parenting is not a cake walk and not always a smooth journey. It is a path of deviations. It’s not a well-defined job where your task is limited to certain arena. Parenting involves improvisation every moment. There is no fixed way to approach a particular situation.
There is a great deal of concern these days about inculcating confidence and self–esteem in a child. Teaching a child how to be confident enough in all endeavors for a lifetime is one of the most beneficial gifts a child can ever receive.
The foundation of a child's well-being is his or her self-confidence. Building confidence and self-esteem is extremely important at an early age. There are a couple of things parents can do to ensure that their children can lead a life filled with confidence
The first step in building self-esteem is to offer them help at home by spending quality time with the kids. Offering positive attention instead of negative is key to building confidence in children. Be aware of your child's special talents and help them to build and grow from them. If they draw especially well, brag on them. Parents should help them adopt a positive attitude towards failure and prepare them to face life fearlessly and courageously.
Encourage your child to take part in the activities he likes and avoid forcing him. If they are interested in sports, support them to take part in sports.
One of the most important things is – comparison. Avoid comparing your children and refrain from pressurizing them about anything against their will.
Every child is special and they possess qualities different from others. Appreciate your child with every minute achievement. This will help them gain
confidence in themselves and elevate their morale. If children are encouraged and eulogized, they are likely to develop self confidence.
Listen to your children’s worries, problems and interests without criticizing them. Be there for them when they need you and that will surely help them ease out their fears and doubts. The support and warmth of parents can help every child to overcome all his fears and drawbacks effectively without much dilemma.
Sometimes, most of us wonder, why our children are dreading to participate in any activities even though they are good at them. There are some children who absolutely refrain from taking part in school and extra curricular activities because they are frightened to take the risk of failure. This kind of attitude in children ultimately defeats their self-esteem. It is important for us as parents, to help them overcome this fear.
They should encourage their children to keep trying and should tell them that it is alright to fail. The experience is more important than the consequence and failure is always followed by success. Parents should help them adopt a positive attitude towards failure and prepare them to face life fearlessly and courageously
Recognize successes by giving the child a treat or hanging good grades on the refrigerator. Make a list of manageable goals with each other. As each goal is met, reward your child with whatever treat or reward was decided on when creating the goals.
And finally what is important is to be patient and take through the whole process slowly. Also be consistent in your approach. It is not necessary to implement these suggestions all at the same time. You can take them up step by step. These small things hold a lot of importance in developing your child’s self confidence and self-esteem.

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