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Children and Television

Author - Jayashree T. Rao

Television is the favourite pastime of children today. They spend hours in front of this idiot box. Come Saturday and Sunday and they are sitting and watching their programmes.Mr.Bean, Shinchan, Doraemon etc are few of the serials that they watch. No matter how many times they have seen it, they still want to watch it again. These days with many channels on air there are plenty of things to keep the children busy the whole day.
Today many children do not play outdoor games. They do not want to make friends. Children may become obese as there is no much physical activity. Watching T.V for long hours also spoils the eye. The studies of the children too get affected.
Parents should restrict the time of T.V viewing. A maximum of one hour should be enough during school days. Parents should also see that proper channels are viewed by children. They can be kept busy in other curricular activities like craft, music,dance etc. They can learn an outdoor game like cricket or hockey and play in their free time. Sports are good exercise for their physical development.

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