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Author - Jayashree T. Rao

Handwriting is the way in which each of us write. Each person has a different style of witing.Good handwriting has become a necessity for the students. The advantages of good hand writing are many. Good handwriting inspires both the students and the teachers. There is a demand for the notes well written in the class. The examiner too will be happy to correct a paper with beautiful handwriting. Moreover, handwriting tells a lot about a person.
Good handwriting comes with practice. Children are asked to write a page everyday to improve their writing. Children forget to write and tend to complete them when the teacher asks for submission. The result will be a completed work but without much attention and not well written. A page well written is enough than five pages badly written.
Children are usually made to write in four line books in the beginning. It is the strokes and curves which are usually started with. The children need to be told about holding the pencil correctly. It is nothing but a little interest and practice that shall help them.

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