Digital Dimdima


She Loves Me...She Loves Me Not..

Author - Shoma Mittra

As a mother, what can I say about my defiant, loving, angry and caring daughter?
Here it goes:

She comes stomping down the stairs
Her hair flying wild
The skimpy top defying all,
The sneakers deliberately dirty
Her eyes flashing defiance
Her walk proclaiming attitude
Ready to let an argument unfurl

The slightest rebuke provokes a retort
Then all of a sudden I'm submerged in a hug
She’s loving…. she's caring
Sometimes a little too daring
At times I wish I could shake her up
She’s too wrapped up in her own world

But late at night when all is done
I look at her serene and soft
Curled up between the covers warm
An angel sleeps, so sweet so calm
And then all my anger abates
As I look down at my little girl
A tiny mite that entered our world
When did she grow up?
I didn’t notice at all.

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