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Co-currriculars - An Advantage or a Burden!

Most parents today, feel the need of equipping their wards with more talents than just regular acedemics. It is good that many schools provide a number of extra curricular activities to ensure all round development of students. Parents also have innumerable options to choose from, like sports, art & craft, chess, music, karate, dramatics, you name it, and can also send their children to hobby classes after school. If these activities are balanced well with studies, children today will definitely have a bigger advantage and will be mentally and physically healthier to handle stress that comes with studies and social pressure. It also gives them opportunity to excel in a field they are good at, enabling their personality to grow. But the sad part is that rather than aiming to supplement their wards' education, it has become a race for the over-anxious parents, to make their child smarter than the one next door. They send their children to hobby classes, as many as they can accomodate in their few hours of less than half day after school. They are not even considering whether the child is enjoying and wants to learn more of a particular hobby. This insecurity of parents, that their child might lag behind the others, is sure to reflect in their children as they grow up. Instead of making them confident citizens who want to give their best and maximise their potential, they will become people who are always fighting to be better than his/her peers and always dissatisfied with their own capabilities and achievements. We should make best use of the opportunities available, and have a good understanding of the interests, stamina and inborn talents our children have and try to nurture them accordingly. Let us give them a happy, healthy and positive life today, so they may take the cue to make correct choices in the future.

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