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Author - Puja Tandon

5 Reasons why mummy gets more angry than she should!
These points are based on suggestions given by my 7 year old, on my trying to "discipline" him!
1. When she has to repeat her instructions. She feels you don't want to listen when you are simply engaged in a game, a cartoon show or your own special thought. You can let her know this when she is in a lighter mood, or, when it is you who has to repeat a request when she is engaged in something. If you are taught to say 'excuse me', there is no reason why your parents shouldn't be reminded the politeness! 2. When she gets overwhelmed by her concern for your health. It is her duty to give you a certain quantity of nutrients, so you can have a healthy mind and body. Plan out with her how taste can be added to the meals and if junk food can be had at regular fixed times. This interest in planning from your side is sure to make her considerably happy! 3. The above reason goes for TV as well. Watching too much TV is not healthy, surely you are old enough to agree. The question is 'what else better to do?'! Explain to mummy that she has so many important jobs to do but you don't! And you can't study all the time! She will need to engage you in some hobby classes or someone at home should do intellectually stimulating activites with you, so your mind can be fully occupied. Handling today's smart kids shouldn't be as easy as shouting! 4. When she gets worried about your grades at school. Your doing well in school today will ensure a successful life, as you grow up. Keep a specific time of the day for studies, which suits mummy too. Keep to the time everyday (maybe you can bargain with her for offs on weekend or occasional days), and enjoy the rest of the day without any shouting! 5. When she is otherwise unhappy or depressed. You are not always the main reason for her high temper moods. It can be an argument with daddy, or her own work that didn't go well. And it comes down on poor you! After one of her episodes of shouting is over, you can suggest helping her in her task (after completing your assigned task, ofcourse!).
Also, occasionally you can ask how her day went, sharing your happenings with school and friends as well. When your communication with her improves, the tempers are sure to go down. Your mother is not your enemy (though she seems so most of the times!). She loves you and wants you to be the smartest! She'll love you more if you try to be her friend she needs most at home. And a final tip : Make a time-table, with her help, for your daily activities, and put it up in your room , just like the one in school. If you both follow it religiously, then you'll only have the plan to blame, not each other!
All the best!

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