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The Jackal and the Wild Boar

Once upon a time there lived a boar family in a jungle. There were also many jackals in the jungle. The boar was very sad as the jackals had killed and eaten up the boarís child. The boar and its wife started to think how to escape from the jackals.
They met a dog and explained their situation to it. The dog was very kind in nature and had become a good friend of the boar family. One day the boar and its wife invited the dog for dinner. The same night the jackals had also planned to kill and eat the boar and its wife. The group of jackals attacked the boarís shelter. But the group of jackals were driven away by the dog. From that day onwards the jackals never troubled the boar and its family lived happily.

Ipsita Mondal
DPS, Panipat Refinery
Class- IV-C

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