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An Adventurous Journey

Long ago, there lived in Sicili an adventurous family. They were very eager to discover new things and were waiting for an opportunity.
Once it so happened that a volcano erupted at Mount Etna. There was a lot of destruction due to it. After a few months, when the lava had cooled down this adventurous family visited that place. They were very excited. As they were trying to discover something special, they chanced upon a cave which had a narrow opening through which only one person could enter at a time.
They were anxious to know whatís in; so they entered the cave one by one. They walked deep inside and it was getting darker and darker. Soon they reached a place inside the cave which had three separate ways. The brave family split into three and each group went inside these different ways.
However, all the three routes met at a particular spot and all were astonished at it. They were shocked to see some injured people. They realized that these people were hurt by the effects of volcanic eruption. They helped the people come out of the cave and recover. The people told them that this time the eruption was powerful and the lava had come flowing a long distance.
They thanked this brave and adventurous family for bringing them out of this desperate situation. They were very happy with their adventure and journeyed back home.

Shweta Dísa
VIIth Std,
Mary Immaculate High School

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