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Two Friends by Pranav

Once there were two friends named Kaushal and Ganesh. Kaushal was honest, truthful and never cheated others. On the other hand, Ganesh was very dishonest, bad, never obeyed to anyone and had a habit of cheating others.
Once when Kaushal was taking a walk in his garden, he thought of an idea. He ran to Ganesh’s home next day early in the morning. He shared his thoughts to Ganesh. As their business was not doing well, the thought was to try their luck in some other village. Ganesh agreed. So as planned next day itself they left for another village.
There in the new village, their business succeeded. They earned a lot of money. They divided their money into two equal parts.
Ganesh thought that it would be right to bury their money near a mango tree, so that it would not be burgled by anyone. Kaushal immediately agreed. They buried their money near the mango tree. Ganesh noticed a hole in the mango tree. He thought of a plan to cheat Kaushal. He told his brother Guru about the plan.
One day Ganesh, unknown to Kaushal, stole away Kaushal’s money and took away his money as well.
Few days later Ganesh went to Kaushal’s house. He said to Kaushal “Friend, why don’t we take out our money tomorrow?” Kaushal agreed.
Ganesh went home and told Guru to hide himself in the tree.
Next day Guru took some thin logs. He entered the hole in the mango tree. He covered himself with the logs. After some time, Kaushal and Ganesh reached the spot where they had buried their money.
Ganesh dug there and pretended to be shocked to not see the hidden treasure. He started screaming on Kaushal. Ganesh did not stop at that. He even complained to the chief of the village that Kaushal had stolen his money.
The case was extended for a long period. Finally, Ganesh said, “Chief! The tree god was definitely guarding the money. And he won’t lie too. So, if we ask him the culprit, he will tell us who the culprit is.” The chief liked the idea.
They went to the tree and asked “Oh tree God! We left this treasure under your protection. Now kindly tell us who stole the treasure!” Suddenly, a voice emerged from the tree which said “The culprit is Kaushal, who stole Ganesh’s and his own money”. But Kaushal immediately recognized the voice. At the same time the chief announced that Kaushal will be punished for his theft. Kaushal ignored it and went off. He bought some fire woods. Everyone was puzzled. The moment he started burning the tree, Guru came out screaming.
Ganesh accepted his fault. He was punished for cheating others. And as for Kaushal, he was rewarded with both, his and Ganesh’s money.


Pranav Sharad Karve
IV (4th)
Maharshi Vidya Mandir,
Kondapur, Hyderabad

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AJIT Paranjpe Good work. Keep it going this will definitely help you to improve your english.

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