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The Hunter and the Two Doves

Once there lived two doves in a jungle. They were very friendly and kind to everyone. One day, a hunter passed by the forest. He spotted the two doves. He quickly aimed an arrow at the doves. The birds called the sheep for help.
The sheep told the doves that it could not kill the hunter. So the sheep went to the magician, Nithin. The magician asked the sheep, ‘What do you want?’ “I want a magic spell”, replied the sheep. “Granted. This magic spell will grow horns”, said the magician. The sheep grew horns. She ran fast and attacked the hunter. The hunter fell down. But he got up and aimed another arrow at the doves.
The sheep looked for its friend a python, who lived nearby. She told the python about the magician and went to him. The magician gave a spell to the python so that it could fly at a very high speed.
The snake flew and soon reached the hunter. It happened that a vulture was the hunter’s friend. So the vulture came to the place where the hunter was and waited for the doves to fly. Suddenly the python arrived. Seeing the vulture, the python bit the hunter. The hunter lost concentration and shot an arrow. It hit the vulture. The vulture died. The hunter too died as the python had bitten him. So the doves thanked the sheep and python who in turn thanked the magician Nithin.

MORAL: One Good Turn Deserves Another

Nithin Ravikumar,
Bethany High School

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