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Mendy, Tendy and the Pig

Once upon a time there was a pig that was stretched. He loved boys and hated girls.
As time passed by, the pig became old. He came across a boy, Tendy and his sister Mendy. Tendy hated pigs. And Mendy loved pigs,just the opposite of Tendy.
One day, the pig and Tendy (the boy) saw each other. As soon as the boy saw the pig, he screamed “Ah………………….h”. Mendy asked him “what happened” and Tendy said in disgust” See what is over there…. A pig”. Mendy saw him and shouted with joy “Wow! A pig”. She was happy because she loved pigs.
But the pig hated girls and so when he saw Mendy he stretched and stretched and kicked her. Mendy screamed aloud loudly “Ouch”. She got hurt and was very upset. From that day onwards, she hated pigs.
After seeing this, Tendy realized that the pig liked boys and hated girls. So now Tendy likes pigs!

Sunayana Jain,
Std : III.
Arya Vidya Mandir, Mumbai

Words of Appreciation

sunder Good very nice. Keep it up.
aaron It is a good story.
saumya very very excellent
Madhumati.K Your articles, poems and stories are very fine and helpful to me. Your poems are really inspiring too. I wish all my friends those who write their poems a very happy future.

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