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Loss of Pet

Princy was a lucky girl. She had an elder brother, Naman. He and his friend Aashish, pampered Princy like a princess, getting her everything and anything with a blink of an eye. Like any other child Princy too loved pets and Naman had brought one for her on her 2nd birthday itself. She was a proud owner of a cute white rabbit named ‘tee-tok’. Instead of playing with dolls, she played with tee-tok. It was Naman’s duty to feed, bath and vaccinate the rabbit as little Princy was too young to eat on her, far than rearing another living being.
Now Princy’s 7th birthday was approaching and she was a wise and clever girl!
One day Naman and Aashish took Princy for a stroll in park, “Bhaiya look tee-tok’s family”
Naman astonished, “tee-tok’s family!”
“Yes my teacher told me, that rabbits too have a family of their own, just like you and me tee-tok too has parents and a brother and a sister too.”
Aashish said, “yes little Einstien he does!”
Princy concluding, “But he must be missing his family”
Naman said absent mindedly, “might be”.
“And he doesn’t even get this whole park to play like his family”
Naman agreed, ‘that’s true dear!”
“Then shouldn’t we bring him here and unite him with his family”
Naman surprised at this, “no dear he is happy with us”
“How can he? Will you be happy if someone takes me away and keeps me?”
Naman awestruck, with this logic, “Of course not!”
“Then how can you say tee-tok is happy?”
He tried to explain, “well tee-tok has been domesticated and if you will leave him here in park he might not be able to protect himself from other animals like dogs and cats, besides he lives in a well cared atmosphere and cannot bear to come in contact with pests and germs here”
She still protested, “But he isn’t happy..”
Naman tried to convince her. “My sweet little sister is happy seeing him and that’s enough for me.”
Next day tee-tok died a sudden death.
Princy sat besides his lifeless body for a long time, knowing what her pet meant to his sister Naman came and gave her a affectionate hug and explained, “look dear everyone dies one day and travel overboard to high skies to heavens.”
She innocently asked, “Are there family’s there?”
She sighed in relief, “You know what bhaiya? God exists!!”
Naman was taken back, “Yes I know”
Princy added “and he even listens to prayers yesterday, I prayed to him to make tee-tok happy and unite him with his family and look today he called him.”
Naman was happy seeing his little sister grow up so compassionately and with such an understanding.
Also, we should all let pets roam around in wild instead of caging, chaining, trapping and staggering them! Forests are their home, let’s help animals and save their homes

Manika Jain

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megha Superb! Its cool. Write more and more of such stories.

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