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GILLU-The Squirrel

Gillu-the squirrel used to live on a tree in a park. Daily, children would come in the park to play. After playing, they would eat popcorns, sweet corn, peanuts etc. In the morning, Gillu would roam around the park and collect the nuts and seeds which were dropped down by the children while eating. After eating, she would dig the soil with her sharp front teeth and hide the extra nuts under the soil so that she could eat them whenever she is hungry. Days passed like this. One day a clever crow, who came to live on another tree in that park, noticed Gillu's routine. He hatched a wicked plan. When Gillu was not around, he dug the spot, where Gillu had hidden the nuts and took them all. When Gillu went to eat the hidden nuts, she was surprised to find that her hidden nuts had gone missing. This happened for many days.
Then one day, Gillu hid behind the tree trunk to find the thief. She saw the crow coming down stealthily and eating away her nuts. She decided to teach crow a lesson. She went near the neem tree in the park and collected some bitter-sour neem seeds. She hid them at the same spot. Now, next day, when the crow came to steal the nuts, without much effort, he dug the soil. He ate all the seeds without even looking at them. Though, he found the taste somewhat different. That evening, crow felt uneasy and suffered a bad stomach -ache. Next morning Gillu came and asked the crow about his stealing ways to fetch easy-food. The Crow was ashamed of his act.
From that day onwards, Gillu never lost her hidden food.

Alka Chugh

Words of Appreciation

Gulshan Kinra Very Good Story!
anagha Great story. Looking forward to many more !!!!
Dr Pradeep Dua Meticulously written story !Stories are meant to teach something--this story does ! Congrats & Please Continue !
angel Heart touching story!
sameer Good
priyanka It was a heart touching story. It's awesome!!!!
yash very bad story.
pooja Very nice story with a good moral.
vgns I got emotional after reading this story. :'(

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