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The Marvelous Nectar

Once there was a butterfly. She was roaming in search of nectar. As she was flying she saw a beautiful lantern. So she flew to the window where it was hanging and inside she saw a yummy, beautiful Doughnut. She went and sucked it. It was wonderful!
“Ah! This is better than nectar.”
She quickly flew and informed her family about the wonderful discovery. They all went and tasted the Doughnut.
“Yummy” said the sister butterfly flapping her wings.
Just then Hodja, the owner of the house came there. He saw the group of butterflies and shrieked “AaaaaH”
The butterflies looked up in terror. Hodja picked up a newspaper and shooed them away. The butterflies flew off in a trice.
Quickly Hodja closed the window. He even locked it.
The butterflies returned sadly to their home. That was the end of their delicious treat.

Pooja Jeswani.
Std 3
Arya Vidya Mandir

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