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How the horse became a slave

Once upon a time in a forest there was only an horse living. Whenever it wanted, it would go to eat grass and drink water from lakes and ponds and enjoy. Once when it was eating the grass a deer came running and started eating the grass. When the grass on its side was finished, the deer came to the side where the horse was eating. The horse walked up to the deer and said to it “How dare you come here without my permission? Get out!” The deer said “Don’t you know that in a forest any animal or bird can live?” The angry horse went home and started thinking how to take revenge on the deer. Next day a wood-cutter came to the forest. The horse saw the wood-cutter and got an idea. He went to the wood-cutter and said “Friend, if you fulfill my wish I will give you a treasure-box filled with gold and gems. The wood-cutter was a clever man. He knew that the horse was trying to fool him. He said “OK say what your wish is?” The horse said,"You have to catch a deer and kill it. The wood-cutter agreed. He sat on the horse and asked the horse to take him to the deer. The horse took him to the deer. The wood-cutter aimed an arrow on the deer but the deer ran away. He rode the horse in search of the deer but the deer hid into the bushes. The wood-cutter said “Don’t worry we will catch him tomorrow and why don’t you rest today in my house?” The horse agreed. As planned they went to the forest next day. That day too, the same thing happened. Third day again he went to the forest riding the horse but just cut the wood and came back. This happened everyday and thus the horse became a slave of the wood-cutter.

Pranav Sharad Karve
Class: IV
School: Maharshi Vidya Mandir, Kondapur Hyderabad

Words of Appreciation

Sumedha Sanjeev I just love this story. Thank you for this story.
asin Really superb.

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