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The Miser and his Wealth

Once upon a time there lived a miser named Marshi. He had lots of sources such as money, water, food and clothes. He did not marry because he thought he would have to share all his sources with his family. As he wished to be rich he did not like to spend his money. He used to wear dirty clothes. One day he thought that if he kept the money in his house it could get stolen. Hence he dug a hole in the garden at the backyard of his house to store his money. One day a stranger came to his neighborís house. The stranger found the money which was kept in the garden. When the miser was out in his farm, the stranger stole away the money and became the richest man in the city.

Moral: If you donít spend money for self or for others then it is equal to a stone.

Bhavan's Sri Venkateswara Vidhyalaya,

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KVS HARICHARAN REDDY Its a very good story, the presentation is nice. Keep encouraging the children.

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