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Two Friends

Once upon a time, in the Sun Valley forest lived two inseparable friends, Joe the Rabbit and ZoŽ the tortoise. In the same forest lived the king of the animals, Leo the king and his family. One day while strolling in his garden, the king found out that some of his lettuces and carrots were missing. The king was astonished because every night Joey the fox and Gasper the wolf used to look after the garden so that no animal could steal them. The king roared angrily ďWho stole my vegetables!Ē All the animals living in the forest heard the angry roar of the king and stopped whatever they were doing. They were all frightened and knew something fishy had happened in the kingdom. The kingís advisor Joe the rabbit was called and was ordered to find the thief within two days or else he would lose his place as advisor which would mean no more carrots.
At home, Joe the rabbit was pacing up his stairs thinking of what to do when ZoŽ came to meet him. Suddenly an idea struck ZoŽ and they both decided to keep a watch in the garden at night. They both proposed the idea to the king. So on the same night both the friends decided to keep an eye in the garden and put some traps in order to catch the thief. But after one hour both the friends fell asleep and the thief came again. The lion was very angry the next day seeing the mess in his garden. He scolded both the friends for not doing a proper job. They apologized and begged for another chance. Leo the king granted them a final chance.
At night, they decided to continue their job, to trap the thief but this time in order not to fall asleep they brought coffee and sandwiches. But after an hour ZoŽ the tortoise fell asleep. On seeing the coast clear Joe the rabbit decided to have a feast of lettuces and carrots.
So now you know who was the real thief! Well it was Joe the rabbit who was stealing the vegetables from the kingís garden every night. Would he be caught?
Well in fact Zoe the tortoise was pretending to sleep so that she will be able to catch the culprit. When she saw her best friend she was shocked. Well should she denounce her best friend or just keep quiet! Zoe decided to take some pictures of Joe the rabbit stealing the vegetables to show the king the next day.
Leo the king was very happy with Zoeís job and appointed her as his new advisor. And for Joe the rabbit he was punished.

Rubina Bumma

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