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The Magic Wrappers

Once there was a boy called Bheem. He loved eating chocolates. One day he asked his father for some chocolates to eat at school. His father bought him two chocolates – but told him that he would not be getting anymore for a week. Bheem ate the chocolates in the bus – but kept the wrappers in his pocket. During the break he dug into his pockets to take out the wrappers.
WOW!! He found two new chocolates in his pocket!! He ate them happily. On his way back home, again he dug into his pockets and found two more chocolates!! He was really surprised and happy. He never told anybody about his magic wrappers – but he never asked anyone for chocolates again.

Raabia Tabassum
AGE 10
International Indian School

Words of Appreciation

mohammed atif uddin nice story
fathima great!!!!keep up the good job

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