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My Adventure in the Forest

I set out with my mom and dad to a jungle trip. My holidays had started and father had managed to find a guide for our tour. It was a foggy morning, and we set out in our car. We had gone deep into the forest. We all were bored in the car, and so when I insisted on walking , not far away, in the lighter part of the forest, they all agreed. We turned back and after traveling a fair distance , we halted and got down with our guide. We walked in the fog till we were afraid of getting lost. Our guide showed us different types of flowers and plants. Then, when we were planning to return, I did a very foolish act.
I saw a beautiful flower under a tree and ran to pluck it. When I returned, my parents were away, thinking I was with them. Fear clutched my heart. I walked deeper into the forest (without realizing it), in hope of finding people and calling for help. After walking a long while and not finding my way out of the forest I became steadily afraid. My legs were so heavy that I thought it could weigh a ton. I had finished the last piece of my food a long time ago & now I was very hungry. I was very tired and longed to sleep but the fear of animals kept me awake. It was nearly evening and the trees looked like ghosts to me. After walking a short distance, I heard human voices.
Lost, hungry and exhausted, I was thrilled to hear human voices. But little did I know my day’s adventure was far from over. I came close and saw that there was a forest resort in front of me. I quickly ran & hid behind a tree when I saw the scene in front(the scene is described in here) I peeped from behind the tree to see what was happening. A man with a moustache was pointing a rifle at a gentleman standing with a dog. Another man was standing beside him with a gun in his hand. A car was parked in front of the resort. Few people watched them, with fear written across their face. I understood they didn’t dare move. I froze.
‘Give us the potion or you’re doomed scientist’, said one of the crooks.
‘Never - what will you do with it?’
‘That’s not your business’
‘I will not give it to you’
‘In that case we’ll have to kidnap you’
‘The resort will tell the police’
‘We’re aware of that, and so we have formed a plan - but not telling it to you. HA-HA-HA-HA.’
I saw the crooks bind the scientist & the dog and thrust them into the car. The scientist shouted in protest . I realized some of the dacoits were keeping a watch at the resort , and also that the car was not their own(stolen one).
All my hunger, tiredness, fear had gone. I was desperate to save the scientist if I could. Though it was dark by now, I could follow the car as it was moving very slowly. The car stopped at the side of a well hidden building. The two bandits got out , probably to fetch their leader. I was hiding behind a bush and thought that this was my chance. I quietly slipped into the car and freed him and his dog. At the command of his master the dog kept quiet . The scientist thanked me and shortly explained who he was & what he had invented. I thought myself very fortunate in meeting such a famous scientist. In turn I quickly told him about my adventure in the forest. Then we slipped out of the car. We hid behind a bush. Mr. Avan (scientist) phoned the police and asked them to come there without delay. Luckily, the policemen were inside the forest in search of me, and was able to reach us very quickly & succeeded in catching all the dacoits (including those in the resort).
The policemen thanked me for helping to catch those terrible bandits and then handed me to my mother.
“Mr. Alan why were the bandits following you?” asked the policemen.
“It was for the potion I invented – potion that can do unbelievable things. But if not for her(me) I would be dead by now & with the potion in wrong hands.”
The police officers asked us dozens of other questions & we answered.
The next day we were shown on T.V.
What an exciting day it was!

Priyanjali Bhattacharyya Class VIII A
Bhavan's Kolkata.

Words of Appreciation

shiffali Improve your hindi language.
Riya I like it. But there's always room to improve!
Fatima I like it but u can improve ur vocabulary
naina badlani it is vry good story
Seena Nishad Can do better
Leee Keep on writing. it is quite short but you will find it getting easier as time passes by, just keep training! :)
Roshan wow..... Amazing ..... Improve your skill ... :) ALL THE BEST
Chinmay It was so interesting.
Nyema Was a good story. Need to improve your vocabulary.

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