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African Adventure

“Brace, Brace” sounded the alarm of the Airbus A380 in which I was going to Europe over Africa. We were going to crash land in 10 minutes on a small airport due to losing control over the tail rudder. Suddenly the plane veered to the right and the air hostess’s cart was flung at the emergency door, breaking it and cabin pressure decreased rapidly. Since I and my cousin were sitting near the emergency door and we weren’t wearing our seat belts, we were flung out with our bed sheets, torches and two pieces of rocks. We used our bed sheets as parachutes to cushion our fall. We landed on an Oak tree. Below, there were human settlements. We got down, taking our things with us. We understood that the owners had abandoned their tents. There was a cart with a steering wheel and a pedal, a few boxes, trekking bags and a pistol loaded with 6 shots. Since the cart was big, we undid the tent and placed all the items we found and the tent, in the cart. We got in and Sanjay (my cousin) pedaled. We came to a slope and Sanjay did not pedal. We gained speed and passed by a stream. We splashed into the stream and started to flow downhill. We held onto a tree and pulled the cart out of the stream. Then we pedaled on and reached a valley. We setup our tent there. We found a nest with four eggs. We picked up 2 rocks and started a fire, I heaped up lots of dry leaves. We fried the eggs on a rock plate and we had two eggs each. We then fell asleep. In the morning, we heard horns. We undid the tent and placed all our things into the cart and pedaled towards the sound and reached a road where we saw a police jeep. We went over to it and saw our grandmother reporting our missing to the police. When she saw us, she shouted: “Daniel (me), Sanjay, Thank God! You are fine!” We were later taken home.

Sushant Sam Varghese,
Loyola School,
Trivandrum, Kerala

Words of Appreciation

Abey Chachan What an Adventure Danny! Tell us more about your other adventures!!!
nitish good one

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