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Luck is there with Snuggy

When Radha was two years old, her
cousins Kritika and Priyanka, gave her a toy duck as a gift. Radha named the pretty duck, Snuggy. She huddled it to herself all the time. While bathing in a tub of bubbles, eating, drinking milk. Actually, Snuggy was a magical duck. It could move and bring luck to its user. That, Radha did not know . When Radha was in the V standard, their school was holding an essay competition. The topic was, ‘My Favourite Thing’. It could be a toy, a game, a frock, etc. Radha wrote about her toyduck, Snuggy. It was like this:
My Favourite Thing
My favourite thing is my toyduck, Snuggy. I cuddle her day and night. While bathing in my tub, while my mom tells me stories, especially ghost stories! While sleeping and while drinking and eating, and while watching T. V. too! Snuggy is like a pet to me! Till now, she has not brought me luck, but soon, I known he will. Maybe to win this essay competition! ‘I love you Snuggy’, is my message.
That night when she finished her essay and kept it in her school-bag and went to sleep. Snuggy quietly came out of Radha’s arms and went to her bag, and took out the essay. Snuggy felt the essay was not too good, so he used his magic to make it more colourful and thoughtful. He completely changed the essay. The next day, the principle announced that Radha was the winner. Radha hugged Snuggy, thanking him for bringing her luck. Nobody believed that Snuggy was a luck-bringer, except Radha and it was anyway true.

By Sharada Mahalingam

Words of Appreciation

SHRUTI PRASAD Too childish. Please put some mystery, ghost and nice stories.
Harish Your story is very good.

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