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Intelligient Barbie

Once upon a time there were few swans living in a pond which was near a big sea. The swans were very happy in the pond with their kids. The pond was full of lotus & waterlilies.
The king of the region was very happy as the swans used to give golden eggs once in a month. The king kept several servants to protect the swans.
One day the servants noticed that the swans were decreasing by number day by day. They immediately reported this to the king.
The king announced a prize for the person who would catch the thieves.
A girl named “Barbie” approached the king and said Lord “I can catch the thieves if you can give me the permission to stay at night with the servants”. The king accepted Barbie’s offer and Barbie went to pond and made a plan with the servants who were guarding the pond.
Barbie along with the servants made a big hole around the pond and made an artificial green grass field.
Barbie along with servants hid behind a bush that night. The thieves came to steal the swans but they got trapped into the hole. The wise
servants and Barbie caught the guilty and reported it to the king. The King was very happy with the intelligent work of Barbie and presented her with lot of gifts like toys, pencils, story books, etc.

Class –I, Delhi Public School, Digboi, Assam-786171.

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Madhurima It's a witty story. It's nice.

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