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Dazzy the Duck

Once upon a time there lived a mother duck named Dazzy. She had found the perfect place to build her nest. It was cool and dry. Then one day four eggs hatched, then one other day four more and then four more and the next day four more…
The first four names were Mithu, Jithu, Tithu and Chithu. The next four names were Tile, Mile, File, Shile. And the next four names were Tabby, Appy, Sappy and Cappy. The last four names were Moo, Too, Soo, Coo.
Then as the ducklings grew up Dazzy thought that her ducklings should learn to swim. Then when she said ‘Quack, Quack’ it meant ‘Get into the pool’ .
But none of the ducklings got into the pool. Then Dazzy thought of an idea. She went to her elephant friend Jumbo. Jumbo had an idea. He took all the ducklings to a nearby rock which was close to the pool. Then Jumbo blew hard ‘ssshhhhhoooooo’. The ducklings fell into the pool and began to swim where their mother was waiting. Dazzy said ‘Thank you’ to Jumbo for helping her.

Malivai Rammohan
Std II C.
Pon Vidyashram

Words of Appreciation

Mama, Papa, Abhi Great Story Malivai. Continue your love for reading and writing. We are proud of you.
Rozy Dear Malivai - this is a lovely story. I really like the names of your ducks, so clever. Keep up the writing. Take care.
shraddha Excellent
sunil john joseph Good one. Keep it up malvi. susaps
NESSA D'SILVA It was very funny.

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