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The Clever Girl

Once upon a time in China, there lived a man called Sheng.His wife had died long long ago leaving her three sons behind names Jin,Chin and Sun.Jin and Chin were married to two beautiful girls.their names were Lia and Zia.They were sisters.One day they wanted to meet thair parents.But Sheng wont let them.So he told Lia to bring fire wrapped in paper and to Zia wind wrapped in a paper.They went and enjoyed their holidays.When they were returning they remembered what Sheng said.So they started crying.A girl was passing by named Ling.She asked them why they were crying.They told her the whole story.So Ling exactly knew what Sheng had asked.She took them to her house.She bought a sheaf of paper She sat down and worked until moments later a paper lantern emerged out of her deft hands!She handed it to Lia and said here is your gift.And now it was Zia's turn.Ling took a paper and made a fan out of it.When Sheng saw it he asked did u do it yourself? They replied no.Then the king came to know the whole story.He asked whether Ling would marry his last son Sun.She agreed.They lived happily ever after.

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Al Ain
5 B

Words of Appreciation

Chandrika It is ok. It can be better.
Pranav It's okay.Good. But could do more better and interesting.

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