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The True Friends

Once upon a time there were two clever friends. Among them one was called George and the other was Jack. But George was not really George she was Georgina . She would awfully response if some one would call her Georgina so. But another friend Shaky was jealous and wanted to break their friendship. The following day there was going to be a tree climbing competition and both took part in it. They all reached the place where the competition was going to be held.. George wondered if something wrong was going to happen so she told Jack about this. In the competition the two friends were in the first batch and had to compete each other. But Shaky did some changes. And no one knew how and when the two trees were cut of . They both fell but on Shaky and he fell back into a pond. With all the messy clothes, he told the truth and never tricked the true friends again.

Bhavan's V.M Public school
Baroda, Gujarat

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