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Simran learns A Lesson

Once a young girl called Simran was playing with her younger brother Tommy.
Usually she is good & nice. But today she was wild at her brother as they fought for a doll. At home nanny was taking care of Tommy & Simran. She heard the voices of the two children fighting. She rushed into the room where the two children were playing. "Nanny I'm younger to Simran and she isn't giving dolly to me!" cried Tommy. Simran yelled, "Nanny Tommy promised me that I could play with the dolly first!"
Nanny said in a mild voice, "Now, now, now Mom has said this is a no fighting zone remember?" Simran & Tommy were too busy fighting to hear what nanny said.
When Mom was home from work she went into the room where Simran & Tommy were playing. She thought Sim & Tom were playing together nicely, but when she entered the room there sat angry Simran & sulky-looking Tommy. Mom asked Tommy why they were angry. Tommy said because they fought for a dolly.
Mom said to Simran that she didn't need to fight as she was elder to Tommy. Simran said that she was sorry.
"Fine. Never ever repeat this mistake again. Do you promise?" said Mom. "I promise," said Simran. Mom asked Tom & Sim to be friends again. "We already are! As we learnt the lesson: Never fight," exclaimed Tommy & Simran.
Mom smiled and hugged them both.

Moral:Never Fight.

Std 2 C
Innisfree House School, Bangalore

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