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Be Neat

Once upon a time there lived a girl
named Neeta. She was only seven when she was scolded by her parents. “Neeta! Please tidy up your study-table as guests are coming at 5.30 p. m. this evening!” shouted Neeta’s mother. “Okay, okay, I will!” Neeta said. Next day was Neeta’s birthday. She was going to be eight years old. Neeta was holding a party. Neeta took a nap at 4 o’ clock. Her party was at 5 o’ clock. She was very tired that day. At about 12 o’ clock on that day, she was playing with a doll. She didn’t bother to keep it back. Neeta woke up at 4.30 and started getting dressed. The door-bell rang at just 5 o’ clock and there stood Johnny, a friend of Neeta.
Suddenly she noticed her doll lying on the sofa of the living room. She kept the doll in some shelf before Johnny could see and said, “Oof! That was close.” Then she saw the dresses of the doll scattered around the sofa. Neeta quickly hid it under the blanket, put on a bench to sit on. Soon, all had come. When the cake was offered to all of the, Neeta sat on the bench which was covered with a thin blanket. She sat right on where she had hidden the dresses of the doll.
By mistake, she had kept a pin open of one of the dresses. She just sat on it! “Ooo!”, she cried. She was taken to a doctor. She was okay after a couple of days. She was careful and very neat hence-forth.
Then she came to know why she was called Neeta as she was expected to be very neat!

By Sharada Mahalingam

Words of Appreciation

namrata Your story is very nice. Write more stories.
dhanya very good but not best.

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