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A boy who lost his way

One day the boy named Ram was coming back to his house. He missed his way and entered into a forest. He walked and walked in the middle of the forest. He saw a den. He went inside and saw a lion. Then he ran away. Again he saw all the animals coming to him. He was very scared. Then one elephant came and said ďDonít worry, I will be your friend". The Boy asked " OK , Can you tell me the way? The elephant also did not know the way. The elephant and the boy reached the middle of the forest. In the meantime a hunter had come and laid a trap for the elephant. The elephant was trapped in the cage. Then Ram informed all the animals in the forest. Then all animals came and saw the elephant in the cage. When the hunter was sleeping, the boy took out the key from his pocket and unlocked the cage. The elephant was free. Then the elephant called other elephants. They trumpeted. The lions roared. The donkeys brayed. The monkeys chattered. Listening to all these sounds, the nearby villagers came to the forest and took the boy home. The boy thanked all the animals.

M. Nikhil Chandra

Words of Appreciation

deepthi Why will elephant n the other animals agree to help the boy....strange. There should have been another story as to why will they come to rescue him.
Ritu Nice story and concept written by you. May God bless you.
anki It was wonderful.
diya very good

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