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The Escape

Once upon a time there lived a very rich man. He was only sad of one thing that his wife whom he loved the most, had left him after giving birth to two children. The man married for the second time.
His second wife was very cruel to his children. She made them work all the time but she was never satisfied with their work. She had her own two children whom she never told to do any work. They would only eat and sleep or always kept playing.
One day the stepmother was very angry with the two children of the man. Their names were Jon and Rita. She along with her children Sam and Lola told them to go to the park with them. Jon and Rita happily agreed. But they didn’t know about the misfortune going to befall on Sam and Lola.
When they went to the park, Sam sat down near one gate and Lola on the other. Their stepmother told Jon and Rita to go and play themselves. When it started to get dark Jon and Rita wanted to go but the two gates were blocked by Sam and Lola. Then Jon said “ Let us go otherwise we will tell to father.” “If you have the power then go on” said their stepmother. Jon and Rita started to run from this gate to that gate. Then they thought of an idea.
Then Jon went to Sam and teased him. Sam started running towards him.
Jon took him very far. Then very quickly Rita ran out of the gate. She called Jon and Jon with Sam behind him quickly ran out of the gate. And quickly closed the gate. And in this way they escaped from their stepmother.

Anubhav Singh

Words of Appreciation

anonymus A bit confusing! But the story line is good. Thee writer should have introduced the names of the children -John and Rita at the end of the first paragraph. The rest of the story is good.
sruuthhi you should have told us why the first wife left the man if he loved her so much.

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