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Y2K Millennium Tales

The Fox and the Crow

Rittik, the crow sat on the casuarina tree highly pleased with himself. He had a doughnut in his beak. He was happy that he could manage to get one. It had been his dream to outwit the doughnut man. He looked at it once again from the corner of his eye! It was, indeed, a lucky day for him.
Just then, he noticed Mr. Foxie standing below him. He too wanted the doughnut badly. He said," Rittik, you are such a beautiful bird with an equally beautiful voice.I will be honoured if you sing a song for me." Rittik felt flattered.
Not wanting to disappoint Mr Foxie, he dropped his latest album digitised on www.hamaracd/ With the doughnut still in his beak, he flew to another tree leaving a silly looking Foxie down below!

The Fox and the Grapes

Nariyan was passing a vineyard. The grapes looked juicy and succulent. It wanted to have a go at it. It jumped high but it just could not reach the grapes. They were out of his bounds, sourly (pun intended). Being determined by nature, it jumped again and again. It just could not get the grapes. Defeated, it left the place.
When it came out of the vineyard, he spotted a kiosk. A smile spread across its face as it reached for a tetrapak of Tropicana grape juice.

The Elves and the Shoemaker

The elves peeped in. The shoemaker and his wife were fast asleep. They tiptoed into the room. The candle flickered throwing shadows across the wall. They had been visiting the house whenever they wanted to get a new pair of shoes. The shoemaker made it for them. Their shoes were the best in Elfland.
They were pleasantly surprised that the shoemaker's wife had made dresses for them. The tiny men wore their new dress and shoes. Before leaving, for the last time, they left an envelope at the head of the shoemaker's bed. It was an appointment letter from Gucci Leathers for the shoemaker.

Words of Appreciation

Ngeppy A very nice article with bright colours very attractive.
Atish The Cool The stories are nice. But they should have been better for a 19 year old person.
Sindhu Can make more stories and longer stories. Good English. Thanks for writing stories for us to read.
Santosh LOL these are a blast! Great idea ;-)
Geetha Stories are very nice. But it should have speaker effect so that children would enjoy. We should be able to copy to our Hard Disc
neeti Cool, great job Jyoti

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