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Fate of Mikku

Meenu has three pet cats. The mothe cat's name is Chikku and the names of her kittens are Mikku and Chinnu. Mikku was very naughty. He wouldn't walk with his mother and sister.
One day when Mikku was walking alone, he met a fox. They became friends. He came home and told his mother about his new friend. His mother warned him and said, "Mikku don't be friends with him. He will eat you." Mikku did not take his mother seriously. The fox also told about Mikku to his father. Then the father said, " Tell him to come here. We will give him some fish."
Next day, the fox invited his friend to his house. Then the father fox locked mikku in the room and suddenly jumped on Mikku and ate him up.
Poor Mikku, if he had heard his mother's words he would never have been in danger.

Moral: Always listen to elder's advice.

Thasneem Mansoor
Bhavan's Vidya Mandir,
Pottore, Thrissur

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